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These ten core values represent the heart of Direct Behavioral Services (DBS).


ACCEPTANCE: We value and respect diversity by creating a positive environment and supporting everyone’s worth and dignity, regardless of abilities, background and beliefs. We respect and accept different people, approaches and styles.


CARE: We care deeply and our supportive of the population that we serve.


COMMUNICATION : We encourage and support effective communication, by frequently sharing ideas, opinions and information among the team.


DIGNITY and RESPECT: We see, respect and celebrate the inherent value and worth of our employees and each of every person that we serve. We also respect the dignity and value of what we do and demonstrate that fulfilling our duties and responsibilities.


EFFECTIVE:  DBS promotes the use of Behavioral analytic principles in meeting the needs of our clients. we use “ABA”, a widely recognized and evidence based effective treatment for autism and other disabilities.


INDEPENDENCE: We promote and provide tools to boost our clients’ confidence and to become less reliant on others.


PROFESSIONALISM: We value professionalism in all of our employees. Our experienced and trained professionals work with dedication, respect, kindness, honesty and confidentiality.


SERVICE: Our team is highly trained to meet the unique needs of the children and adults that we serve. We pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people we serve deserve nothing less. In DBS, we also celebrate the progress made by all of our clients.


TRUST: We are trustworthy. We build our trust by listening, following through and demonstrating consistency between our actions and words.


TEAM WORK: We believe that we can achieve much when we work together as a team, sharing common goals and vision. We aim for quality in what we do, and partner with families in delivering exceptional care.

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